Crop Claim & Crop Injury Documentation

We provide professional third-party witness reports for crop claims.

We offer our services to Growers, Attorneys, Crop Insurers, Crop Advisors, and Shipper/Packers. We cover all types of crops.

Pacific Crop Consultants specializes in providing third party witness documentation reports when agricultural crops become damaged or unmarketable from external factors. Our reports document herbicide burn, drought impairment, insect damage, disease damage, weather damage, chemical application negligence, seed disputes, nursery disputes, and harvest loss disputes. We can tailor our crop injury reports to very specific problems at hand, to cover all our customers issues and concerns.

When a crop becomes economically damaged it’s important to document the damage, and gather the facts as quickly as possible for potential settlements.

As a non-biased and professionally licensed third party, Pacific Crop Consultants can provide a timely detailed report that helps our clients obtain compensation for crop loss. With over 10 years of experience in production agriculture from crop advising to growing, we use aerial drones and analytics to prepare timely custom reports.

Pacific Crop Consultants are Licensed California Pest Control Advisors and Western Region CCA certified. WRCCA Crop Advisors are the most consulted source of technical assistance in helping farmers change management practices in California.

Certified Crop Advisor
Certified Crop Advisor
Crop Drone-NDVI
Aerial drone NDVI

Herbicide damage assessment using aerial drone imagery

Aerial drone acreage

Acreage loss calculation using aerial drone imagery

Timely Reporting of Agricultural Losses: An insured producer should be aware that there are time limits for submitting a crop loss claim. These can vary depending on the policy, so it is important for insured producers to be familiar with the terms of their specific crop insurance policy. Insured farmers must take care to submit crop insurance claims in a timely fashion and to provide supporting documentation relating to the cause and amount of crop losses. If a producer fails to report a potential claim within the appropriate time frame, the claim may be denied.

Proper effort and attention to detail at the time of an initial claim to an insurance provider can help facilitate an efficient claims process and prevent unwanted issues from arising during the process. Producers are advised to approach the claims and adjustment process with diligence and documentation of their losses. Innocent mistakes and simple oversights in the process of pursuing a crop insurance claim can be problematic for an insured producer. However, a thorough documentation of the initial crop insurance claim by the producer may significantly diminish the potential for uncertainty, confusion, or disagreement in the claims process.

Most crop insurance policies require farmers to provide information and documentation supporting his or her losses while cooperating with investigation of claims. As with many requests of this nature, and to help ensure a prompt resolution of a claim, producers should consider having a qualified party such as a crop consultant or agronomic specialist visit the farm and document any conditions that resulted in crop losses or prevented a timely planting of crops. Written statements from crop consultants and other experts can expedite the resolution of a crop insurance claim. Moreover, additional proof of loss or adverse farming conditions, including photographs, farm records, crop samples, weather data, or scale tickets may also help facilitate smoother handling of loss claims.

We provide consulting for all varieties of agribusiness entities, including:

Agricultural Associations
Agricultural Lenders
Chemical Companies

Crop Advisors
Crop Insurers
Dairies & Livestock Producers

Packing Houses
Seed Companies

Reporting Services

  • Crop damage and yield loss reports
  • On-site crop loss documentation
  • Photographic documentation
  • Pesticide damage estimation
  • Acreage loss estimation
  • Aerial drone imagery
  • Round Up/Glyphosate testing
  • Pesticide residue testing
  • Pesticide grid sampling
  • Heavy metals testing
  • Nematode testing
  • Weather data
  • Salinity and nutrient testing
  • Seed germ and vigor testing
  • Plant disease testing
  • Soil disease testing
  • Water testing
  • Notary services

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